Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Turkish professionals to visit Vanuatu

Caption: Kalfabun discussing with Turkish Travel Association representative in Istanbul
By Len Garae, Daily Post published 7th January 2014:  A Turkish group of an unspecified number of professionals is visiting Vanuatu on January 17. The group arrives as tourists to enjoy the local hospitality, cuisine, golfing, environment and its people who were twice voted “the happiest people on the planet”. While the planned visit has yet to provide more details, Honourary Consul Mehmet Atar says from Istanbul that it has been announced based on promotions that he has made to promote Vanuatu to the people of Turkey. 
The project was ejected to a new level with the visit of the Marketing Manager of the Vanuatu Tourism Office, Allan Kalfabun in Istanbul in November during which he along with the Honourary Consul, held discussions with a representative of the Turkish Association for Travel Agents in Istanbul.
In that initial meeting, they all agreed to work together to promote Vanuatu as a popular international tourist destination.
In his latest achievement Mehmet Atar has exploited the Turkish media to “lead the Turkish people to visit lovely Vanuatu”.
He explains, “I am mainly focusing on the following from the point of view of tourism that Vanuatu is the country inhabited by the happiest people in the world. 
“Vanuatu has unique and untouched natural beauties and also different cultures and customs. Vanuatu is one of the best destinations for diving and golfing. I am advising the couples to spend their honeymoon in Port Vila and so on”.
Already Marketing Manager of VTO Kalfabun is all set for more information on the visit in order to cater for the visit.
He is as excited as Atar saying this is just the start for better days coming for visitors from Turkey. “We have to have more information on the group coming in order to welcome them into the country by offering them those unique products that will make them was to discover what matters”, he says.