Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vanuatu dives into phase 2 of photo shoot

Photo © David Kirkland.
"Next up...Tanna" 
The VTO is thrilled to be having David Kirkland return soon to shoot 2nd phase of Vanuatu Tourism's new image gallery. Phase 1 transpired in June last year which focused on Pentecost and Espiritu Santo where David shot, with a fun twist, iconic experiences & traditions of Vanuatu such as the land diving and President Coolidge.
David's reputation has been built on capturing memorable promotional images of people enjoying themselves and engaging with the local culture - tourism images that define a destination and make it distinctive in a highly competitive international marketplace. He is the most widely published travel photographer in the South Pacific drawing from a background in tourism marketing, which has specialized his photography in travel and tourism for over a decade. More news in upcoming issues.