Tuesday, January 21, 2014

VTO Europe attends Travel Show in Norway

The Reiselivsmessen was held in Oslo Norway at the Tenenor Arena Events Centre this month. The VTO shared a stand with Reisse Bazaar, a large Oslo based Tour Operator, after the managing director, Mr Thor, traveled to Vanuatu a few times and was keen to promote the destination. VTO European rep Ms Jeanette Baude arrived a day prior to the show and helped to decorate the stand. It was the largest stand shared with Ethiad airways, several dive operators, South Africa, and Adventure Tours. Vanuatu had a good presence not only at the stand but also at a Tiki bar decorated with the Tanna grass skirts, fans, and the destination video was played on several large screens along the arena walls so all 46,000 visitors were able to watch wherever they were which provided excellent exposure.