Monday, January 20, 2014

Going all out LOCAL - Port Vila Community Handicrafts

VTO was impressed after a quick sneaky peak inside the recently launched Port Vila Community Handicrafts market on Friday 17 January. VTO’s team of 4, led by the General Manager Ms Linda Kalpoi, were excited with what they saw when they returned with big smiles and gifts after the visit.  Entering the market beams with vibrant colors and a fine range of 100% local products from island style hand painted attires to jewelry made from only local accessories and materials. During the welcome, Ms Kalpoi said, “It is good to see such wonderful Ni-Vanuatu talents shine in these treasures. Our mamas have put in a lot of effort in their works and to be able to walk into a handicrafts market to see only 100% Ni-Vanuatu creativity and products is just great and will definitely thrill our tourists as well as us locals. Well done to the committee for a great initiative!”
The welcome was followed by a brief discussion on a tour that is likely to set up by the association. The chairlady Ms Martha Malosu, told the VTO about a fundraiser that she and her team are organizing at the end of the month to start raising funds for the association. Ms Malosu is inviting everyone to the come to the fundraiser. There will be food on sale as well as BBQ on the side. The VTO congratulates Port Vila Community Handicrafts association and wishes everyone best of success in their development  and  looks forward to working closely in promoting 100% Vanuatu products overseas. Visit the handicrafts market at Independence Park along the main Ave Edmond Colardeau road.