Thursday, February 27, 2014

New VTOA Executive

On the 13th February the VTOA elected its new 2014-2015 Executive Committee;
•         Troy Spann (Oceanwalker Vanuatu) President 
•         Michael Thompson (Jungle Zipline) Vice President
•         Warren Gamma (Edge Vanuatu) Secretary
•         Carolyn Ernst (Eden on the Rive) Treasurer
•         Zeak Smith (Adventures in Paradise) 5th Committee Member
The new executive is looking forward to more actively been involved in the industry and hope to bring many positive changes to the association. The main contact for the association is or if you would like to contact the president directly he can be reached on or 5553153.

New VTOA Newsletter: The VTOA is setting up a new newsletter that will give information only on Vanuatu tour operators such as;
•         Current Members
•         Insurance Status
•         New Products
•         Event Information
We are asking that the industry please subscribes to this to make sure they have the latest information on tour products in Vanuatu. You can subscribe by going to