Monday, March 24, 2014

VTO attends industry travel workshop in Russia

The VTO Representative in Europe, Ms Jeanette Baude, went with a delegation of Tourism Suppliers based in Western Europe to a workshop for Tour Operators and Travel agencies specializing in Individual travel, group travel and some luxury travel in St Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Jeanette met with thirty operators in St Petersburg and forty in Moscow.  It seems that tour operators there are wanting to offer their clients something different.
They want to offer authenticity, culture and if possible comfort even if it is simple standard of comfort. There are a number of Russians who now want to go and see Australia and New Zealand and are wanting to include a Pacific destination during this voyage and Vanuatu is of course well placed in their itinerary. There was much enthusiasm for the destination with one of the attractions being that they do not require a visa to enter into Vanuatu. Just last month one of the wholesalers Jeanette met with had sent a group of 26 people to Efate and Tanna.