Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fresh, hip and all new Reggar Bar at Mele road

Posted 29th March 2014, By Anita Roberts, Daily Post: Owner of bar Marson Chilia said building using local materials is vital for a local business with limited money and resources. Big Blue diver Marson Chilia has been asked about where to find a genuine local bar so many times- that he decided to do something about it.
That something is the Reggae Bar on the Mele Road, which opens for business today (Friday). 
Chilia said he was often asked by majority of the visitors who came diving where they could find a local bar. He is employed at the Port Vila’s Big Blue, located right on the seafront alongside the local mamas selling arts and artefacts and next door to the Nambawan Café’. The new site of his Reggae Bar alongside the road is already an allure to many people after enduring completion the past weeks because of its artistic use of local building techniques. It has the rustic look of an ecological friendly roof made of thatch and insulated bamboo walls. The small hut and the reggae bar signboards at the front and the walk inside the bar give the guest and first time visitors an initial slightly tropical decorating style technique. Read more.