Thursday, April 3, 2014

Roubaud promotes Vanuatu in Salon Mondial du Tourisme and Nature expo

Roubaud (wearing red shirt, center) being interviewed at the tradeshow.
Axel Roubaud, a french Terres de Partage wholesaler, recently promoted Vanuatu in 2 major tradeshows that took place in France, in the city of Paris. The first event was on 20-23 March which was Le Salon Mondial du Tourisme , and Destinations Nature consumer show followed after that from 28th - 30th March. During the tradeshows, the France 'O’ TV channel interviewed Mr Roubaud about holiday packages he's put together for New-Caledonia and Vanuatu and it was screened in the evening news. As a result, the french ‘TF1’ TV channel is now looking to sending a TV crew for 2 documentaries for Grand Reportage in July. The VTO sincerely acknowledges Mr Axel Roubaud for his  support in promoting Vanuatu.