Sunday, May 25, 2014

Port Vila Community Handicrafts wows VHRA

Last week on Tuesday, the PV Community Handicrafts association presented themselves and the products they sell during VHRA's meeting held at Breakas Resort. Members of the hotels and resorts association were very pleased to see a fine range of 100% Vanuatu products and creativity as well as listen to the stories of how these treasures were made and sold. The presentation was an eye opener as listeners learned how PV Community Handicrafts plays an integral role in the lives of many women, not only in Port Vila, but from rural villages, communities and outer islands, that have their goods sold at the handicrafts market.
When asked about the presentation's outcome, Ms Martha Malosu, president of the Port Vila Community Handicrafts association responded with smile, "Iririki Island Resort has invited us to take our products over to the resort a couple of days every week and sell them to guests. We've had our first run and our mamas are already pleased with the results". The Vanuatu Tourism Office congratulates Ms Martha and her team and wishes PV Community Handicrafts all the best in promoting and selling Vanuatu products.