Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trade, Travel & Media groups keep pouring in

The Vanuatu Tourism Office has had a long line up of travel, trade and media famils that have come through to the office in recent weeks. This month we've housed and organized famil itineraries for the following companies Eat, Play and Stay which is an Australian travel and lifestyle TV channel promoting destinations throughout South East Asia, the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia on a variety of channels including Foxtel, Aurora Network, Channel 7, Sky network, FACE TV (NZ) and more as well as online via You Tube attracting over 500,000 views. The Vanuatu Tourism Office has had Trade Travel last week which is an Australian wholesale company that specializes in senior group touring. During the same week, the Vanuatu Tourism Office also assisting a Professional Conference Organizer, the Australian Shortlead, as well as the China's largest outbound tour operator having the highest number of chinese tourists visiting Vanuatu to expand the holiday packages. VTO's Trade and Media famil departments were also very busy with Oceania Reisen from Switzerland and Brisbane's Flight Centre group who were on Santo to build product knowledge and experience the latest products on the island. More updates coming soon.