Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vanuatu Tourism Awards makes a come back

The tourism industry is again excited that this year the prestigious Vanuatu Tourism Awards (VTA) is revived by its new organizing committee which was formed on Tuesday 06th of May. The VTA committee consists of representatives from the tourism industry including Air Vanuatu, Department of Tourism,  Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Association, Vanuatu Tour OPerators Association, and the Vanuatu Tourism Office. The Vanuatu Tourism Office General Manager, Mrs. Linda Kalpoi, has been elected as Chairlady of the Committee.
Her Vice-chair is Ms Sara King from International Finance Corporation. The Treasurer is Mrs. Mereana Mills and the Secretary is Mr. Sebastien Bador, Events Manager at the Vanuatu Tourism Office. Other committee members are Mr. Paul Pio for Air Vanuatu, Mr. Jerry Spooner for the Department of Tourism, Mrs. Adela Aru for the Tourism Ambassador Programme, Mr. Frederick McLean for the Vanuatu Hotels & Resorts Association, and Mr. Troy Spann for the Vanuatu Tour Operators Association. The Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2014 ceremony is planned to take place in April 2015.