Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Department of Tourism to present the Vanuatu Tourism Product Classification System

The Department of Tourism (DOT) will be presenting to industry stakeholders, including the VTO, a draft of the Vanuatu Tourism Product Classification System for discussion and approval before it is presented to the Vanuatu Tourism Standards Committee for the official endorsement. This Product Classification System is very important to the tourism industry and country because it will define what each product is in the context of Vanuatu.
This classification system will then form the basis for the amendment to the current business categories that are in the Business License Act as well as the Reserve List in the VIPA Act. Inline with the policy, DOT has already completed the following 1) Guidelines for the Construction of Bungalows and 2) Vanuatu Tourism Operators Minimum Standards. The classification system will then go to the Tourism Councils Act to get legally established before setting up a national rating system for tourism accommodations in Vanuatu. The VTO congratulates Mr George Borugu and his team for the tireless efforts they've put into stage 1 of the Vanuatu Tourism Classification System. Well done DOT!