Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Zealand visitors increase in May

June 24th media release: Vanuatu has just experienced a record month of May for visitors from NZ.  NZ Department of Statistics have just reported 2,820 NZ residents visited Vanuatu in May 2014 an increase of 139% on May 2013 which more than balances out the previous month which showed a decline of 31% in April 2014. New Zealand visitor numbers are reporting an 18% growth for January to May 2014 on the previous year and forward bookings are showing promise from this market.  Vanuatu currently sits as the 4th most popular South Pacific Destination for Kiwis to visit behind Fiji, Cook Island and Samoa.  New Zealand is a market with huge potential for visitor growth, over 100,000 kiwis visit Fiji every year and over 60,000 visit the Cook Islands. The VTO have had a number of tactical campaigns in the NZ market place partnering with both Air Vanuatu and Air New Zealand and various Retail Partners which have shown excellent results which are being reflected in the May results. Prepared by:  Jacquie Carson – NZ Representative VTO.