Monday, June 2, 2014

Vanuatu Ferry here we come!
Vanuatu Ferry, VTO staff & students, colors of the National flag, visually a delight. Click on the image for more photos taken during the visit.
By Alcina Charlie, VTO Senior Communications and E-Marketing: From a distance the Vanuatu Ferry seems to appear in similar shape and size as MV Havanna which used to sail through Vanuatu a few years ago, as well as Big Sista and the lot but goodness, were we in for a big surprise Big time! As we (VTO staff), got up close to the beautiful boat, we discovered that it's actually HUGE! We were knocked out of our socks with its carrying capacity of both cargo (downstairs) which can comfortably fit 15 cars from front to back of the boat, and 100+ passengers spread across the air-conditioned 1st floor and an extra 50 pax on the open top deck. In other words, she is 54 meters long, weighs at 669 gross tonnage, has a top speed of 14 knots and cruising speed of 12 knots, and a dual aft and bow rump system. 
The team was shown around the giant ferry starting from the bottom floor which is where the crew loads cargo from cars, to cattle, to other trade goods between islands. We then went through a corridor and climbed upstairs to the air-conditioned lounge where passengers are seated. On the right wing, standing towards the front, was a well stocked canteen and cafeteria where passengers can buy light and heavy meals. Along the middle of the lounge were 4 huge wide screens to keep the passengers entertained with movies during their cruise. The lounge looked immaculate with colors of soft lime and coral, and so were the rest rooms on the same floor. Up top was the open deck and from the side of the Ferry looking down to the sea gave me chills as I calculated it to be roughly 2 coconut trees, one ontop of the other, down. In other words, oh yes we did tower over the ocean. Captain John Nasak kindly showed us the bridge or helm of the boat where he steers the ferry and we were lucky enough to be caught on cam as captain of the moment, seen in a few photos taken during the visit. After marveling at the mechanics in "captain's office" it was time to head back. The VTO would like to sincerely thank Boudier Karai, Vanuatu Ferry's agent who escorted the team and we congratulate the Management of Vanuatu Ferry for a fantastic product that will be able to assist in servicing tourists as well as locals to Espiritu Santo and Malekula. People can contact Vanuatu Ferry on email & . Call +678  59 09 411 or +678 77 62 064 and you can visit them on Facebook also.