Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vanuatu in the heart and mind of an artist

By Claudia Sannio, Artist: My family and I visited Vanuatu in 2013.  Our experiences on your untouched tropical paradise will forever live in our memories!  We stayed at the wonderful Holiday Inn Resort with breathtaking surroundings and the most loving and helpful people. We were lucky to meet and befriend Chief Sam and his cousin.  They took us to various places outside the resort including wonderful waterfalls, Eton Beach, Blue Lagoon, Turtle Bay and Hideaway Island.  We also visited a school with the resort and spoke to locals.  We concluded that the people of Vanuatu are one of the most happiest group of people and are filled with joy.  On arrival home, I transported myself back to Vanuatu whenever I wanted through the many photographs taken during our glorious 10 day stay.
The beauty of your country lives forever in our hearts. As an artist I used this wonderful experience as inspiration to start painting again after years of pushing it aside to work and have a family.  I undercoated and sketched eleven canvases and am painting them in between other artworks either commissioned or painted due to other inspiring experiences in particular a series on the beach (including shells, sand and/or driftwood).  Below are a few completed artwork pieces featuring the gorgeous Vanuatu (Hammock View,Eton Beach Memory Jar, Native Flowers of Vanuatu and Glimpse of Vanuatu).  If you wish to own an original artwork of Vanuatu or other design painted by myself please contact me at my email address: claudia-carlo@hotmail.com and we can negotiate your design. I am thankful to have shared my thoughts and love of your wonderful paradise and wish everyone love , peace and happiness always.