Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oils of Paradise a delight for skin, health, and beauty

By Senior Communications and eMarketing Officer, Alcina Charlie: After visiting Lapita Cafe on 24th June, our next stop was at another local business also recognized and awarded for improving skin, health and beauty. The Oils of Paradise is neatly tucked along the main road at Nambatu, just a few minutes walk from Au Bon Marche supermarket, and the shop's entrance is marked by its thatch roof and brightly colored walls and displays. We were greeted by Ms Rona Garae, business owner/manager, and she gave the team a brief history about how Oils of Paradise started. "I wanted to help the mamas of my home island and empower them to grow their business of gathering virgin coconut oil, so my partner and I were able to purchase gallons and kick start this project", says Ms Garae. Three years later, her dream has now become a reality and last year, Ms Garae opened her shop. Since then, she has won a few awards from the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce.
The product's healing properties are fascinating and definitely an eye-opener for us in appreciating that our natural resources in their raw form are incredibly vital to improving health and saving lives. We also learned that Oils of Paradise's golden and creamy cocoa butter can be used for many things and not just for baking home made "healthy" chocolate. It can be used as a re-vitalizing body lotion and cream, as well as a moisturizing skin treatment or massage bar. When asked what her favorite product is, Ms Garae beams " I can't really decide, I love all my products but many of my customers tend to run for my Virgin coconut oil and Nangai oil so I guess they're my favorite out of the lot". She continues, "Not only do they keep the skin looking and smelling great, but each drop that is rubbed on, penetrates the skin and heals cuts, scars, wounds, and fights off any signs of cancerous cells". It was obvious when she mentioned this to me, as she does look her product and wears it very well on her, which naturally markets and promotes her business. We were then shown what Ms Garae calls her "kitchen factory" where she produces and packages her own soaps, shampoos, butters, and the rest. We even got a sneak-peak of her new incense candles that she has started to create, just before exchanging farewells and heading back to the office. The VTO congratulates Ms Rona Garae for her achievement and we look forward to continuously working together to promote the destination. For further queries, you can contact Rona Garae (Owner) on email Phone +678 25523/5991416. View photo gallery.