Friday, July 18, 2014

PM takes delivery of The Essential Vanuatu

Hon. Prime Minister Joe Natuman, and Tiffany Carroll.
Photogenic press release, 15 July 2014: Prime Minister the Hon. Joe Natuman has taken delivery of a new shipment of The Essential Vanuatu book, to be used as official gifts for visiting dignitaries. The book, published by Media 21 Publishing in Sydney showcases the best of Vanuatu, from our outer islands to our commercial centres, our history, custom and culture. Edited by Tiffany Carroll, The Essential Vanuatu has been sold throughout Vanuatu and on board Air Vanuatu flights since its launch in 2012. 
“The publishers have been very pleased with sales figures and have expressed an interest in a second edition to be printed next year,” Ms. Carroll said. PM Natuman said The Essential Vanuatu was a great promotional tool for Vanuatu and would be used as gifts on official government visits overseas as well. Ms. Carroll also edits Air Vanuatu’s inflight magazine and the regional lifestyle magazine Pacific Island Living. “The Essential Vanuatu took over a year to put together so we’ll need to get on to the next one in time for December 2015 release date very soon,” she said. The Essential Vanuatu is available for sale throughout Vanuatu at Vanuatu Post Offices, Prouds, Sound Centre, Paris Shopping, Pandanus, Stop Press, Vila Handprints, LCM and other speciality stores.