Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vanuatu shines at Quai des Saveur, Noumea

The inaugural edition of ‘Quai des Saveur’ trade fair featured the flamboyant island of Tanna, on Tuesday 15th July 2014, in the city of Noumea, New Caledonia. The trade fair which took place at Quai Jules Ferry, had 26 display booths and 9 stalls sold Vanuatu artefacts and local dish such as the nalot, tuluk and simboro. These were very popular as more and more people rushed into the stalls to buy artefacts as well as local dishes of Vanuatu. Two delegations attended the fair to showcase their goods.
They were Port-Vila Handicraft Community and Llatapu Lehangui Association, and onsite promoting holidays to Vanuatu were Touramex and Eden tours. Despite the rain, there was still a large traffic of people flowing to the Vanuatu stalls to enjoy a good buy, hot food, local entertainment which included both gospel and cultural performances. The Vanuatu Tourism Office thanks Mr Alain Funel for this news update.