Monday, August 11, 2014

Island Life Magazine Launches New Website

After months on the creative and design stage, Island Life Magazine has launched a new online magazine at  The site will fill the current online information gap in Vanuatu by offering features and news online as well as information on ‘everything Vanuatu’. Patricia Gil, editor of Island Life, is thrilled with the new developments and the success of the magazine. “We know that there are many people overseas who would like to ‘keep in touch’ with the country, either because they are planning to come over or because they lived here or visited the country before. Now they will be able to find all the latest news and information about what is happening in Vanuatu. It is something that many of our readers in Vanuatu also wanted, to be able to interact with the magazine online.”  
The online magazine has many exciting new features such as information on places to stay, where to eat, services and events. “We wanted to be able to publish events that are happening within days and create a platform where readers have access to lots of useful information, all in the one place,” explains Patricia. The site also includes a Vanuatu Forum where online readers are able to post any questions about the country and get answers from helpful readers. “Just like the printed magazine, Island Life online magazine has a ‘community spirit’ and we have created a platform for people to be able to interact with each other and to have access to loads of information, from current events to different services in the country such as where to bank. It is truly ‘Vanuatu’s online information hub’.
Island Life magazine has gone from strength to strength since it was first launched, almost three years ago and you will find a copy in the rooms of most resorts, hotels and holiday homes in Vanuatu. It is also for sale in over 80 outlets country-wide. The magazine recently expanded its distribution to include all Vanuatu’s outer islands and it is now available in New Caledonia and is expanding Pacific-wide. “Our biggest achievement is the fact that we are able to promote all the great things that people are doing in Vanuatu. To see that exhibitions are sold out or that valuable projects get recognised because of one of our stories is the biggest honour for us. The power of media is a wonderful thing when used positively and with our new website, now we are able to take these stories to the world at large,” says Patricia. Another exciting development for Vanuatu! Check out the site and email for more information.