Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mystic Malekula - Tours of the ancient era

Photo by Alcina Charlie, Lawa village, south west bay, Malekula island.
Malekula is Vanuatu’s second largest island by land mass and renowned for its diverse and ancient tribal cultures each with their distinct dialect, dances, music, food, dress and kastom. Authentic Cultural Tours allow you to witness firsthand the intricacies of the kastom practices that define Ni-Van people. Remnants of a past brutal history of cannibalism between the Big Nambas and Smol Nambas tribes are unearthed from the tropical jungle as eerie relics of the past.
This islands interior is remote and mountainous and offers a number of guided multiday treks – including the Iconic Man-Bush Trail and Dogs Head Walk traversing the jungle, rivers and waterfalls from east to west coasts. If white coral sand  beaches, snorkeling amongst an abundance of marine life, and physical adventure in  traditional outrigger canoes are what you are after, the picturesque Maskelyne Islets in the  south of Malekula are a fantastic place to visit. Go to