Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To infinity and beyond

By Alcina Charlie, VTO - "If I were to go again, then yes I will!" is the feedback I got from my work colleagues who experienced an adventure of their lifetime, it appears.  It was obvious the staff had a fantastic time, returning yesterday afternoon (Wed. 3rd Sept), soaking wet and smiling from ear to ear after their encounter with Vila Flyboard. There were plenty of great feedback about the tour, conveniently captured in photos taken that afternoon out in the harbor, via Au Fare Restaurant. Vila Flyboard is a new extreme sport that can be done by anyone over 16 years of age. It blends together a range of popular sports like jet-skiing, water skiing, skate-boarding, skiing and snowboarding. Powered by a jet ski from an umbilical cord, our 4 lady staff and 1 Events Manager "super-heroes" ascended up a  few meters above the water before diving into and out of the ocean like..... dolphins. That's right, I was very impressed and even the photos confirmed that very catch line!  "Hovering above the water took a few minutes for us to find our balance, but after a few practices, we became like pros on our board", beamed Ms Nancy Kalorib (you were very brave Nancy, I'm envious)! The VTO would like to thank Management and staff of Vila Flyboard for their time and congratulate Ms Aurelie and Mr Wahid for a great product. Visit or call +678 7778007 for more information.