Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mobile & E-Commerce Digital Marketing vital for business growth

This week 19 tour operators gathered together at the Grand Hotel to be given an opportunity for further e-business through Hotel Link Solutions website project. The presenter of the workshop, Mr Rob Shortland from Hotel Link Solutions, talked about the importance for Digital Marketing and especially having websites with e-commerce functionality as well as mobile compatibility, to help drive tour businesses forward and into the future.
For companies that had problems setting up their websites and e-booking functions, the presentation became an opportunity for such companies to benefit from.  The meeting took place on Monday morning followed by tours and appointments for Mr Shortland (WHL Solutions), Mr Chris Brimble (Pacific Island Trade and Invest), and Ms Sabine Hollerer (Vanuatu agent, HL Solutions). Mr Shortland is leaving for Espiritu Santo tomorrow to run the workshop for tour operators in the northern province and will be returning to Vila at the end of next week before heading back to Australia, and Ms Hollerer will be running a similar training with the tour operators on Tanna at a later date. The Vanuatu Tourism Office acknowledges Rob, Chris and Sabine, for conducting, as well as funding (thanks Pacific Island Trade and Invest!) the e-marketing program for tour operators on Vila, Santo and Tanna.