Friday, November 7, 2014

Cookies that make you go Mmm..

By Alcina Charlie, VTO Senior Communications & e-Marketing. After chatting with Mrs Vatausi McKenzie of Lapita Cafe about what was in the pipeline for our Australian Media crew arriving the next day, it was time for... drum roll please... some coffee! "Would you like a cookie with your coffee?" she asked. "I would love one thanks" I replied. Next thing you know, a saucer came with some Lapita Coconut Ginger cookies on it, and oh my, the taste still lingers as I write which goes something along the lines of absolutely delisioso! crunchy, sweet, fresh, wholesome, homely, and best of all... the ginger gave my palates a pleasant kick, and because I like anything and everything spicy, I was very happy with the ginger (thanks Lapita)!
Anyway, as the conversation went on between the two ladies (us), I was listening as well as simmering in between the fine blend of my cookie and Tanna coffee so much so that it propped me to tell Mrs McKenzie that I was going to write a story on it and, here it is. Feel free to pop into Lapita Cafe at Nambatu area next to Paray Lodge and enjoy their many varieties of deliciously healthy cookies completely made from 100% local ingredients, fresh, home-grown and produced by Votausi and her team. Lapita also sells local spices, herbs, chutneys and more. Congratulations Votausi and team for promoting 100% local Vanuatu products! Click here to visit and "like" Lapita Cafe.