Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taste buds tantalized by talented student chefs!

My Kumala gnocchi, extra delicious!
By Alcina Charlie, VTO Senior e-marketing and Communications: After a full on and enjoyable week at the Salon Culinaire, I was shouted a delicious lunch at Nabanga Restaurant at the Tourism school HTLTC (Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Training Centrer) as I told one of  the trainer's I was very happy to snap up a few photos to support their image library. When my husband and I arrived, we got a pleasant welcome at the entrance of the restaurant by the Supervisor of the Day, Ms Joana Liu, and she greeted us with a big bright smile and the ambience that followed subsided my over-worked nerves and got me all chill-axed, if there's such a word. Our duty waitress was Jennifer and she was very detailed in explaining what was on the menu which we very much appreciated.
It was now time to order and after much discussion with better half, we ordered quiche Lorraine and southern fried chicken, mango chutney and yoghurt for dessert (yum), our mains entailed peppered steak with potato gratin and I went for a vegetarian which were both absolutely scrumptious - my Kumala gnocchi caramlized onions, roasted peppers & olives was simply divine. Then came the desserts which were Poire Belle-Helene or pears in chocolate sauce and Banana mille-feuille. Johnny had to dash off before dessert so I entertained myself to his mille-feuille later that afternoon. I personally, as well as my office (VTO) congratulate all the APTC and VIT tourism students including student chefs, for a fine service and we encourage you all to continue and excel in your field. The lunch will run again next Monday which will be the final serve before the students do their exams. For more information or to book a table for next Monday, call the school at +678 24066.