Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vanuatu launches international product - Lapita’s Tamarind Chutney

From l-r: Mary Narfi Navaika (Ministry of Trade and Industries EO), Ms Astrid Boulekon of  Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce, Prof. Helen Wallace of Sunshine Coast University, Vatausi McKenzie of Lapita Cafe, rep for Ministry of Trade and Industries DG, and Ioan Viji of Department of Forestry. 
Article & photo by Alcina Charlie, Senior Communications & E-Marketing for VTO: The official launching of Lapita’s Tamarind Chutney, which took place this week on Wednesday 26th November, is a result of more than 2 years of value chain research and development work in the tamarind industry with financial and technical support from Pacific Agribusiness for Development Initiative (PARDI), a program funded by AusAID through the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR). This is a milestone achievement for Vanuatu as a first ever Vanuatu & Australian Government funded project, that has been trialed, tested and piloted by Lapita, passing standards legislation of the Australian export/traded goods, Vanuatu's very own first international product. "It's a proud moment for the whole country, and also the Ni-Vanuatu communities who are living in Australia will be able to enjoy Tamarind chutney from home sweet home" beams Ms Votausi MacKenzie, Lapita's visionary business owner.
The Department’s Marketing Strategic Plan was also launched with Lapita’s Tamarind Chutney as a result of a strategic planning process undertaken by the Department of Industry towards achieving the policy objectives outlined by the National Industrial Policy of 2011. The ceremony took place at the Ministry of Trade’s Conference room from 9 - 11 am, witnessed by government reps, trade and industries stakeholders, as well as local media. The VTO congratulates Lapita Cafe and the Vanuatu Government, through its Ministry & Department of Trade, Industries, Agriculture as well as Forestry, for achieving this historical event and looks forward to working together to promote Vanuatu products to our friends from overseas, and a special thank you to the Australian Government for the support towards the project.