Friday, November 7, 2014

What’s Your Holiday Experience? Share it with us

“You’re tired and stressed, your phone screen just cracked and you’re out of milk. You need a holiday! But what type of holiday do you need?  Luckily for you Vanuatu offers everything from adventure and culture to relaxation and luxury. Take a quick quiz to find out which experience is best for you" . Vanuatu Tourism Office Australia is running a social media campaign to create awareness of the different types of holiday that are on offer in Vanuatu.  
The campaign ‘What’s Your Holiday Experience’ asks consumers to answer some easy and fun questions about themselves. The results of the 8 question survey points them towards the type of Vanuatu holiday they would suit.  The results are Adventure, Culture, Luxury and Relaxation.  Participants are shown a short clip of their holiday result and can share this on social media.  On the final page there are buttons to find out more, sign up to VTO newsletters and to book now (where they will be directed to the Air Vanuatu website).  The campaign is live until 21 November directing to the Vanuatu Tourism Office Australia Facebook page.