Thursday, December 11, 2014

Maskelyne Canoe Race and Festival 28th – 29th of July 2015

The 2 day interactive and entertaining festival is set to kick off again in 2015. The amazing Maskelyne Canoe race festival on the South of Malekula features custom dances, canoe races, traditional fire making, canoe building weaving demonstrations, kava competition and a big island night to end the festival. Come and immerse yourself in traditional custom dances unique to Maskelyne.
Watch the canoe races or if you’re feeling more adventurous your welcome to take part in the single/double canoe races. Discover the traditional fire making techniques that have been used for centuries, before taking part in local lunch hosted by Maskelyne Tourism Association. Watch the 3 communities of Percarus Village, Pelongk and Lutes Village show case their craftsmanship by battling it out to carve and paint the finest canoes. Observe weaving demonstrations with handcrafted baskets, mats & fans also on for sale. If you’re keen on kava the festival has a kava competition that’s based on plants and preparation before drinking.  Maskelyne has plenty to offer, snorkeling, resident dugongs, clam sanctuary, bush walks, various communities projects. 

Come and join in the festivities and experience the natural magnificence and friendly people of Maskelyne.
Festival Dates: 28th – 29th of July 2015
Festival Location: Peskarus Village
Festival Coordinator (s):  Kalo Nathanial
Coordinators Contact Phone Number(s): 7783524    

4,000 Vatu per person entrance fee for the three days.
2,000  Vatu for children aged 10-15years
1,000 Vatu for children under 10 years.

Details of Accommodation:
Malog Bungalows, Batis Seaside Guesthouse, Malaflaf Bungalows, Sinelich Bunglaows. Local Houses may be available also. Option to tent in the village: 500 Vatu per person per night. Bring tent, towel, mosquito net, sleeping bag etc.