Sunday, March 8, 2015

Westpac Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014 Winners

Monday, March 9, 2015 - The Westpac Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014 Ceremony and Gala Dinner was held on Saturday, March 7 at Warick Le Lagon Resorts & Spa. Over 300 people attended the ceremony and dinner, whereby the winners of the tourism awards were announced by hosts Australian TV personality, Steve Jacobs, and Miss Vanuatu, Valerie Martinez. Congratulations to the winners of the Westpac Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014!   

Congratulations to our Winners.

Island Bungalows
Sponsored by the Tourism Marketing Development Fund
Tam Tam Bungalows

Mid-range Accommodation
Sponsored by the Vanuatu Tourism Office
Fatumaru Lodge

Boutique Accommodation
Sponsored by Air Vanuatu 
Moyyan House by the Sea 

Hotels and Resorts
Sponsored by 
Holiday Inn Resort 

Luxury Accommodation 
Sponsored by AON Insurance
Eratap Beach Resort 

Culture/Eco Tour 
Sponsored by P&O Cruises 
Eden on the River

Adventure Activity 
Sponsored by Adventures in Paradise 
Edge Vanuatu Ltd

Scenic Tour 
Sponsored by Evergreen Vanuatu 
Vanuatu Helicopters 

Ocean Experience
Sponsored by the Daily Post
Ocean Walker

Front and Back of House
Sponsored by Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Associations
Johanson Merah, Adventures in Paradise

Tour Guide
Sponsored by Vanuatu Tour Operators Association 
Warren Gama, Edge Vanuatu Ltd

Judges’ Special Commendation Award
Millennium Cave Tours

Handicraft Ambassador Award
Sponsored by the Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador Programme 
Helen Calo

Transport Ambassador Award
Sponsored by Pacific Petroleum
Jonas Sumu
The chairlady of the Tourism Awards Committee and General Manager of the VTO excitedly said that the Awards have exceeded most expectation and done the Tourism Industry proud which can only improve for the betterment of Tourism Vanuatu.

Winners of the Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence 2014. 
The Westpac Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2014 committee would like to thank Westpac Banking Corporation, IFC World Bank Group, Air Vanuatu, the Daily Post, Your, Warwick Le Lagon Resorts & Spa, Villa Distribution, Evergreen Tours, the Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador Program, Aon Insurance, P&O Cruises, Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Association, Vanuatu Tour Operators Association, Vanuatu Tour Operators Association, Tourism Marketing Development Fund, Classic Printers, Island Life, Sign Language, Pandanus Consulting, and Photogenic for their support. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An extinct volcano’s sweet challenge

By Alcina Charlie, Senior Communications – Website & eMarketing: What an adventure this was going to be for this team of 4, and especially for our student intern from France, Noemie, who attached with us for 6 weeks before finishing the following week. Our activity for the end of January was trekking up to the top of an extinct volcano on Nguna Island. We left Port Vila on a generously discounted Hertz (thanks Bernie and team!) that took us to Emua landing at north Efate, cruising in full comfort, style, and speed. At the wharf we then got on a feisty boat ride, feisty meaning we needed to boat fast so cutting through choppy waters wouldn’t be a tad unpleasant for the stomach (hopefully), prior to arriving at our destination. Luckily, yes the sea was quite rough that day, the closer we got to the island the calmer the waves became and soon after, we got off at a beautiful location on the western side of island. The beach was combed with tropical greenery and what seemed an easy, almost asleep village, plotted immediately after the fringe along the beach. Wow! it was so peaceful where we were.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vanuatu – Discovering the Diversity of Ancient Cultures

The Documented Word of the Colonisers.

Archaeological evidence indicates that, by 1300 B.C, islands in northern Vanuatu had been settled by people of the Lapita culture from the Melanesian islands to the west. Since then, there have been successive waves of migrants, including people of Polynesian origins on the southern islands of Aniwa and Futuna. The region was part of the Tongan Empire into the 14th century and by the 17th Century many European sailors had visited briefly and some stayed at longer intervals. The name ‘New Hebrides’ was given to the islands by Captain James Cook on his visit in 1774 and in 1789 the islands were called at by rescuers seeking Captain Bligh and his officers, who had been turned loose with provisions in an open boat after the mutiny on the Bounty. During the 19th century French and English Christian missionaries and some traders and planters settled on some of the islands which became an Anglo–French condominium by 1906.